Welcome to TheoPhilos

TheoPhilos focuses on the theoretical foundations and the overarching frameworks of conservation, restoration and preservation practice in our globalizing world. As these foundations and frameworks shift in response to contemporary challenges and developments, TheoPhilos aims to establish and strengthen the integrated theoretical basis for all those involved with cultural heritage, drawing together the contributions of multiple disciplines.

TheoPhilos Mission Statement

Welcome to the International Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration (TheoPhilos)! Since it was founded in 2005, TheoPhilos has provided a forum for developing the relation of conservation theory to practice in dialogue with all parts of the conservation community. Please see below for details of forthcoming events, and our Membership page for a list of current members, and for details of how to join.

Request for Topics of Concern

The International Scientific Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration (TheoPhilos) is seeking the views of international conservation colleagues on key issues of concern for the discipline. 

After our successful conference on Historic Public Spaces in Florence in March, the TheoPhilos committee is considering its programme of activities for the next triennium (2023–2026). We would welcome ideas or proposals of areas of particular interest to colleagues within ICOMOS and beyond. From these suggestions, we will develop a programme of events, to include our regular conference each spring in Florence together with one or two more each year at venues to be agreed. Each of our conferences provides the opportunity for the publication of contributions in the peer-reviewed journal Protection of Cultural Heritage. We are keen to shape and deliver this programme in collaboration with others, and following the priorities of the discipline as a whole – hence this request.

Responses could be as simple as one or two sentences, or a more formal proposal of up to 300 words. Please state any committee or academic affiliation, and send to theophilos[at]icomos.org. The initial deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 31st May 2023.